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 Bob Griffin — School Board

High Expectations!


I’m a strong education advocate who believes we can have much higher student achievement without breaking the bank. We need to focus on ensuring that all of our kids at least get the basics—our test scores indicate many are not. Graduation rates remain unacceptably low with 30% of our ninth graders not graduating on time. For too long, the school board has diverted too many resources away from quality classroom instruction for out-of-control administrative costs and elaborate construction projects that don’t clearly contribute to achieving great results for our kids. Our community has certainly not been getting the outcomes we deserve for our incredibly generous support, approaching $1 Billion per year.


My Solutions

Students first. Parents are entrusting the school board with the most precious thing they will ever have. Our kids must always take priority over all other interests. I haven’t accepted any special-interest donations for my campaign, only small individual contributions from people who want to put our kids first. My opponent has received over half of his campaign funding from labor union bosses. Who will he put first?

Establish a culture of high expectations—no more excuses. Leadership sets the tone in this regard. If leaders are frequently making excuses for failures or settling for mediocrity, this will infect the organizational culture. Students, parents and staff should be inspired to live up to higher expectations than currently projected by the school board.

Better prioritization of limited resources. Focus on data-driven choices that will have the greatest positive impact on getting great results. The school board has squandered generous taxpayer contributions on rapidly expanding bureaucratic costs for elaborate buildings that are not urgently needed. This robs precious resources from our kids’ classrooms.

Unleash the human spirit. Embrace healthy competition to spur creativity and innovation. Increase our support for charter and alternative programs, allowing parents the freedom of choosing the best school for their children. Reward our best teachers with more pay.

Bob Griffin

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